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: Hi Janice, I would like to leave a testimonial message to your website but couldn`t figure it out. Please except this message as my testimony. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Janice! You really are a very unique and very gifted person /healer. What an amazing spiritual experience! Even this was my first trial of having spiritual/energy healing session, I never felt anything like that ever before!! Today is my first day after the session and, I am feeling full of spiritual positive loving energy all over my body. Also my mind is more bright and clear. I am so grateful to meet you! Thank you! NR

Hope you are well this Sunday morning. I would like to say I am still buzzing after that experience yesterday. I was expecting to feel tired but I feel the complete opposite, I feel sooo energized and feel like I’m seeing things even clearer now. I did take a Epsom salts bath last night around 8pm thinking after that I will be relaxed and go to bed but I was just so energized and feel soo light and amazing (so hard to explain) I’m looking forward to see what life brings to me. I can’t thank you enough for your time yesterday and you are such an amazing soul and I feel truly truly blessed to have met you! There will be many more times we meet I know that for a fact, I can feel it. 




Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you.  I wanted to see what I felt like a week later and I can definitely start by saying lighter. My head has been quieter and my anxiety has been cut in half.  You asked me which room I liked best and I told you it was the fractal room but, thinking back, I had a take away from the other two rooms as well.  My headache is finally gone and my left hip is now loose and relaxed.  I don't know what to tell people you do or what happened because I can't explain it but, it was a gamechanger.




I wish I could explain what my body has gone through in the past 24 hours since our session.  You mentioned I should watch for the "synchronicities" and there has been nothing but them today.  People must think I am crazy because I had to laugh out loud three times today to things that wouldn't seem outwardly funny.  My neck mobility has improved about 40 percent and I slept like a log last night.  Everything seems lighter.  I am grateful 



From the moment I walk into Kalala Healing Centre I am instantly grounded and can feel stress falling away before a session begins.

Whatever I choose for that time, I know that Janice's expertise in BioEnergy, Oxygen Healing Therapy, Biomagnet Pair and Crystal healing beds to name a few, helps me choose exactly what is perfect for me at that time. She uses a holistic approach to look beyond the physical to work with the subtle energy systems of my body that clear blocks in my energy field, repair and then re-balance my energy so that my body can regain back to its optimal level to encourage healing not just at the time, but also continued healing long after I leave. Janice has a deep level of understanding of how important it is to listen with unconditional acceptance. I trust her explicitly to guide me through this transformative process with top level of skill and integrity. Thank you Janice!







Definitely an unusual session.  Thank you for taking the time to fit me it.  I was trying to explain to friends and family what you do but it sounds so weird.  Two people in my close circle think I am calmer, more relaxed and not flying off the handle as much.  I will definitely be back before final exams so I don't strangle anyone.  I think you have actually helped me focus.








Ok, are you for real? I took you up on the "ÿou don't need to tell me challenge" and it kind of blew me away.  You knew about my dental issues, my stomach issues and the fact that I recently had mono.  I was kind of wondering if you spied on me but there is no way you could have.  Thank you so much for the  session.  It was longer than I expected and I can't believe how much better I feel after seeing you just the once.  As soon as my schedule clears I will be around to see you again.  Keep doing what you are doing...whatever it is.





I have been feeling really good since our session. Lightness is the biggest sensational difference. I have had some interesting changes in my ankle as well, the injury that you mentioned a couple times on my right ankle, it seems to be popping back into place which is nice! 


I was able to maintain some great positivity during the holidays and dealing with family issues so I think the session helped with my ability to keep my vibration high. 


Thank you,




What Just Happened?

Thank you for an amazing glorious session.  I am still kind of at a loss for words, but I wanted to make sure I got back to you with what I am feeling.  I have never had a session like that.  You said that the session would affect all five senses and I have to say you were right.  I had the best sleep I have had for the last three years.  My back pain is at maybe a 2 which is ridiculous.  I feel a bit giddy and I actually have a sense of hope that everything may actually end up being alright.  I hope you can fit me in in a couple of weeks to see what kind of improvement another session will give me.  Glad I took the chance and tried your treatment out.




I have been working with Janice for the last six months in hopes that I could avoid a third biopsy being done on my thyroid. I was combining what Janice does with a homeopathic plan of vitamin support. The thyroid specialist gave me six months to do what I could to heal my thyroid to a place where a biopsy was not needed. I recently did the ultrasound and found that the area they were worried about shrunk by 5 mm: from 19 mm to 14 mm! I truly believe that my time working with Janice had a part in that success!




A spiritual session


The first thing Janice noticed was a fundamental change in my aura/bio energy rhythm etc. Having placed the magnets on me everywhere, we went into the session…..

 This seemed to be a cerebral affair.  I felt at one point that all my brain was being sucked out of my body through a hole in the back of my head (where the magnet was placed) and later my heart opened up and all the contents of that too went through the hole…..  Then I saw this flesh coloured ‘nebulous’ thing dancing to my right.  (It was as though I was standing behind my head and watching this as an interested party.) That was my soul.

Then I was conscious of standing in a bright strata light (not quite as bright as I had seen on one previous occasion) area on my own, but not afraid or lonely.  It was so peaceful and calm and white.

After a while, the matter was sucked back inside my body through the hole in my head.  From then on, the hole really hurt.  It was as though there was a sharp implement pressing on the back of my head – until the magnets were taken away.

It was an amazing and awesome (in the true sense of the word) experience.

I had major warmth and cold feelings emanating from the spine throughout the session.

This was followed by a long session on ‘the bed’ which was totally relaxing and calming and I was left exhausted but refreshed (if you know what I mean!) with nothing hurting …





After an operation to remove a large raised lump on my leg, which was diagnosed as skin cancer, I went to see Janice (whom I already knew from having a couple of treatments with her)) to get help to heal  the very large wound.  After one session the difference in the condition of the leg was amazing, plus the fact that right after the treatment I was able to walk on the leg with no pain............pain which had been constant since the operation 10 days previously. Over the course of the next month and several treatments it steadily improved. The treatments were with the Ozone, the Biomagnetic pairs and the Photon Sound Beam, as well as silver.....both on the wound and taken internally twice a day. Janice is a gifted healer, very knowledgeable and her insights are valuable and accurate. I highly recommend her services.                                           







In 2013 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. At the time I was 37 years old and I wanted to develop a treatment plan that would integrate western, eastern and holistic medicine.  I chose to utilize the services of Janice as she understands medicine and healing from a holistic perspective. I did also utilize the best that western medicine had to offer as well as to benefit from Janice's medical support.


Janice understands healing from a very deep perspective.  She cares, understands and I give her so much credit for my continued good health today.  As an essential part of my medical / health team, Janice had a very positive impact on my health.  If you are looking to live a healthier, more fulfilled life, add Janice to your wellness plan.  She knows her stuff and your success is her success.  I am grateful for for her and her work everyday.



Cancer Survivor


Just wanted to let you know the effects of your sessions with Bio Energy... I’m so much more stable and happy. Even when I get upset/angry, I am able to let it go and be more objective. My stress level is so much lower. I haven’t cried from frustration or anger since before my sessions. I am really amazed at the profound difference Bio-energy has made, and I’ve recommended Janice to a number of my own clients.




Thanks so much for everything.  Just wanted to let you know that the knowledge you have about your work is endless and what is even better  is how you use that knowledge in your healing practice.  You have helped me change anumber of things in my life...and the bonus is NO MORE PAIN. There really aren't words to expres my gratitude for al you have done for me and my family.  You and your work change people's life for the better .  Many blessings to you 



....Right from the first session, I felt very comfortable with Janice as the "conduit"(her word) and found the  power of Bio Energy fascinating as well a health giving.  I find her refreshingly humble in her attributes. She is a true professional and totally committed to her art.  Some sessions have provoked inspirational achievements.  At one sessions, I felt the energy whirling around my mid section and felt totally healed from all of my physical ailments-absolutely amazing.  I don't really understand what happens during these sessions -I am a novice, I just know that with Janice's expertise and caring, I feel so much better - physically, spiritually and mentally.  I also know that Janice is helping me learn about myself through her Bio Energy practices - and it is all so positive.




I cannot believe the effects Bio Energy has had on my shoulder...and the anxiety I had in the past week has all but dissolved. Thank you for taking the time to see me with next to no notice.  Looking forward to more sessions with you down the road.  Strange that you knew where things were aching wihtout saying anything




Janice is a gifted healer. Her Reiki is by far the best I have ever experienced. After struggling with post pain from a severe car accident, I tried everything to calm the seized energy in my neck and shoulders.  After one session with her I felt a normal flow of energy and teared up because I hadn't had that type of relief from chronic pain since the accident.  I would highly recommend her and have to my friends and family for her amazing healing abilities.




I was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident back in 2010 and sustained a traumatic brain injury (concussion) with other body injuries. I was advised by numerous medical professionals that the healing process would take time. After months and over 3 years of utter frustration and disappointments,  I started trying various other treatments and therapies that are commonly considered "non-conventional" by traditional medical professionals. One particular Neurologist suggested that if I wanted to get better, I would need to meditate. For myself, I had never meditated and this suggestion by them was somewhat strange to me at first but they were right. Obviously, I wanted to get better so I needed to think outside the "typical medical box" in order to get back to normal.

This was when I discovered Bio Energy Healing and met Janice Jones. I found Janice to be a very courteous, respectful, thoughtful, kind and caring individual who said that she wanted to help me and would be a "conduit" in assisting me in my goal to recover to better health. In the first session I recall experiencing some very vibrant and exhilarating sensations to the areas of my injuries and body. Most of the sessions would trigger something within my body and things were starting to happen. At times the pain would go away and my body would be at total peace and pain free for moments of release which hadn't happened for a very long time. I still continue to see Janice along with other treatments and therapies that I find help in my continued recovery process.

I would suggest to anyone who is looking to feel better after an injury or may have other health conditions that are debilitating to them to try something like Bio Energy Healing and let Janice provide her professionalism and knowledge to guide you towards feeling better.  







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