Energy Healing Modalities




Disclaimer:  Janice is not a Medical doctor nor does she diagnose or prescribe medication. These therapies do not substitute for a medical doctor. Alternative therapies are natural and can be used as a complement to other therapies.
All sessions are palpable in nature - you will feel interesting sensations, you will notice a difference. You do not have to disclose what you are coming for is your choice...

Bio Energy

This is a no touch healing modality.  Working with in the etheric layer, we strive to balance chakras and clear blocks.  The body clears like an onion and, through a set of 5 sessions, it allows an individual to feel a reduction in stress, both physically and emotionally.  Part of the session requires the individual to stand to allow for a opening of the chakras  and a portion of the session is carried out in a zero gravity chair.  Sessions are typically about an hour in duration. They are extremely calming and relaxing. Sensations you are likely to feel vary...tingling in the hands, feet and crown