Tom Paladino

There are several individuals and thoughts that I find quite profound.  People I know have the best of intentions and have the end result in mind when treating others .  I ask that you open your mind to some of these ideas.  One of these individuals is a man named Tom Paladino.  Tom uses Scalar Energy to transmute pathogens, viruses and bacteria.  He is at the forefront of looking at healing bodies in safe, noninvasive ways.  This man may very well change the future of medicine.  Please visit his site at www.selfhealgo.com and decide for yourself.  I am proud to know this man and his intentions are pure.


William Bengston

Bill Bengston uses a system call cycling to work with individuals. Cycling involves coming up with at least 20 things that you would like to see or have in your life.  They can be physical or experiential in nature.  He invites the individual to work with him to  build a movie like sequence  of these things and practice building the sensation of having these things actually occur.  The outcome is two fold in nature - it feeds that Law of Attraction so you attain what you want and it heals things energy  that is blocked in the body.  I have found that individuals who have a propensity to OCD and Assbergers enjoy using this technique as it keeps the mind busy.  The technique takes a bit of practice but is a useful tool on several levels. 


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Author of several books, the most recent being The Honeymoon Effect, this cell biologist is the father of epigenetics.  Think you have a genetic predisposition to something?  You may just want to do a bit of reading.  Years of research behind him.  This man is brilliant in his own right.


If you have something that mainstream medicine doesn't know how to cure, this individual is sure to give you hope.


Dr. Gregg Braden

For more than 27 years, Gregg has explored high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to merge their timeless secrets. His discoveries are now shared in 33 countries and 38 languages through such paradigm-inspiring books as: The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, Deep Truth, and his newest, The Turning Point. His 2007 best seller, The Divine Matrix, was recently selected as the source for the made-for-television feature, “Entanglement,” and is now a textbook for college level courses exploring new discoveries of science and our relationship to the world. Gregg is an active member of several leadership organizations, including the Evolutionary Leadership think tank, founded by Deepak Chopra in 2008. Gregg Braden has received numerous awards in recognition of his insights and innovation, and is a 2015-2020 nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award.


Dr. Joe Dispenza

Although being happily married for 21 years, I do believe I have a crush on this man.  Paradigm changing...this is from the Foreward of his latest book - You are the Placebo...

We’re all inspired by such stories of spontaneous remission and “miraculous” healing, yet what Joe shows us in this book is that we are all capable of experiencing such healing miracles. Re- newal is built into the very fabric of our bodies, and degeneration and disease are the exception, not the norm.


Once we understand how our bodies renew themselves, we can start to harness these physiological processes intentionally, directing the hormones our cells synthesize, the proteins they build, the neurotransmitters they produce, and the neural path- ways through which they send signals. Rather than possessing a static anatomy, our bodies are seething with change, moment by moment. Our brains are on the boil, teeming with the creation and destruction of neural connections in every second. Joe teach- es us that we can steer this process with intention, assuming the powerful position of driver of the vehicle, rather than the passive role of passenger.


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Biomagnetic Pairs
Developed by Dr. Goiz in the late 80's, this therapy uses pairs of magnets that balance the pH of the body thus helping the body to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. This technique is highly successful in a broad range of diseases.
Medical biomagnetism does not focus on the symptoms of a disease, but rather on its etiological causes. And it does so without the need of laboratory tests.
The Biomagnetic Pair is primarily a preventive therapy, and it is also curative. It is a clean and inexpensive technique. Once the pairs have been established, relief can begin to be felt within as little as 30 minutes.  This is a "go to" modality for those who cannot seem to find a "diagnosis" for what ails them

Reconnective Healing


Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance. It is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive Reconnective Healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information.

Its first basic element is energy. Energy is everything we are made up of organically, our very essence and our actual physical body.

Light is the resonance and communication within these frequencies between the universe and us.

Information comes through the very interaction and entrainment with the energy and the light.

It’s tangible, measurable… you can actually feel it





Human beings are energy systems. If we accept this premise, then life energy is the essential and most basic element of the human energy system. We suffer when we don't have enough energy to carry out our life functions or when we, as energy systems, are out of balance....physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually/ The effect of receiving a Reiki treatment is that our supply of life energy is increased and we return to balance. In this state of balance and renewed energy we can heal what is out of alignment. 



Emotion Code


In short, the Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it, either from yourself or from someone else. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease, and even cancer. In addition, these energies (trapped emotions) are the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and all manner of mental illnesses.  Devised by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this program is brilliant in it's simplicity.



Theta Healing


The ThetaHealing technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health and after she healed from a 9-in tumor her leg.

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy – not specific to one religion but accepting them all – with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator. It is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.




Complementary Medical Equipment



Photon Sound Beam Treatments


Experience the magic of Noble Gas Rife/Lymph Technology with an economical version of our premier product, the Photon Sound Beam XII. The Essential Photon Sound Beam includes most of the 16 upgrades over the original, single-frequency Photon Sound Beam developed in 1994. It has Pulse Rate Control, a primary Universal Rife Frequency (728 hz), 2 Noble Gas glass applicators (Argon, Xenon, Krypton), and the dual-oscillatory RF Sound Probe frequency-emitter. It can be traded-up to a Photon Sound Beam XII. The Essential PSB is Mono-Polar with one Output Plasma-Tube and one Receiving (ground) PlasmaTube. This technology includes the value of the Beck Blood Purifier and the Parasite Zapper and adds so much more! Powerful Lymphatic Drainage, Increased Circulation, Enhanced Immune Function, Thorough/Natural/Gentle Detoxification, Renewed Cellular Resonance and Cellular Energy States, and the Devitalization of Pathogens and Parasites! The most Comprehensive and Economical Vibrational Energy Technology Available!




EWOT Summary - Requires only 15 minutes of your time, a special EWOT oxygen mask, and 8 - 15 Liters per Minute of pure oxygen. EWOT has already changed the lives of thousands of people.


EWOT Summary: Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, shortened to EWOT is simply astounding; there is no other term to describe this wonderful and simple therapy.Sometimes referred to as "Multistep Oxygen Therapy" and also Exercise With Oxygen Training, EWOT is simple to perform, requires very little time, and requires relatively inexpensive equipment. This is no wishful thinking on the part of an eager oxygen enthusiast, or the crazy rantings of conspiracy theorists - oxygen can truly change your life, prolong your life, and prevent the onset of so called "age related" diseases.

Several articles have been posted here to introduce you to the world of EWOT. We will be gathering more articles, written by educated and well informed researchers who can convey the facts to you in terms that we all can understand.

  • Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells

  • Recover from stress related illnesses

  • Prevent age related diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, chronic fatigue,fibromyalgia, 'non healing' wounds (and so much more!)

  • Slow down (or Reverse!) the process of aging

  • Increase the diameter of the blood vessels (capillaries) that provide oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells 
    Recover from jet lag

  • Stimulate the Immune System

  • Lose weight

  • Do you have chronically low oxygen saturation of your blood? EWOT can reverse this.



Ozone Sauna Sessions


The Benefits of Steam Sauna and Ozone

The use of a sauna should be an important part of any detoxification program. The sauna increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation of the sweat glands and also promotes healthy skin tone and texture due to increased blood circulation. Using the steam sauna with ozone allows the steam to surround the body and ozone can be introduced through the skin. Humid heat opens the pores, which allows the ozone through the skin to the bloodstream, where it can travel to the fat and lymph tissue. It is very important to cleanse the lymph tissue of toxins and the ozone/steam sauna is the easiest and best way to accomplish this.

Artificially induced hyperthermia (rising body temperature results in the destruction of bacteria and viruses) combined with heavy sweating and a cleansing effect initiated by ozone will result in elimination of toxins accumulated mainly in the lymphatic system relieving the liver from the difficult task of dealing with them. Through the centuries, men and women have used steam to purify the skin, soothe sore muscles, boost circulation and to simply relax. The combined action of moist heat and ozone cleanse the lymphatic system, which carries 90% of the body's fluids. Ozone brings oxygen to the tissues for enhanced health and vitality. The combination of steam and ozone is a natural, effective way to promote a refreshing sense of well-being. We believe that  an Ozone/Steam Sauna cabinet represents a pleasant and easy to follow form of body cleansing.

Benefits of ozone sauna: 
Relaxes and loosens muscles by reducing the buildup of lactic acid and increasing muscle flexibility. 
Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through the skin, lungs, kidneys and colon. 
Boosts blood circulation, helping injured muscles to repair quicker. 
Stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels relieving pain and speeding the healing process. 
Eliminates bacterial and viral infections of all kinds. 
Speeds up the metabolic processes of the inner organs and endocrine glands resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in a 20 minute session.


~See the recommended reading section for more information on Ozone



Far Infrared Sauna Treatments


Our Far-Dry Infrared Sauna is personally cleaned and sanitized between each session. Sessions can be done with up to two people at a time. You will enjoy filtered, Electrolyte Water, Fresh Towels and a  Private Shower

Therapeutic Benefits Of Dry Infra-Red Sauna 

>Weight loss 
Burn up to 800 calories without exercise. One 30-minute session burns up to 300 calories. One single infrared session can raise your metabolism for the remainder of the day, providing you with additional burning power of up to 500 extra calories, giving a total of 800 calories burned in a given day. This treatment is great for someone who is unable to exercise as it helps shed pounds as well as improve cardiovascular function. Several treatments once a week is recommended. 

The rays penetrate into the tissues and stimulate the release of toxins that are stored deep within the body. Eliminating toxins from your body helps protect you from developing cancers and degenerative diseases. Once cleansed, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love to do. 

>Improves skin conditions and helps treat cellulite 
Infrared therapy has been shown to relieve acne, psoriasis, burns, eczema and also removes roughness and decreases scarring. The deep penetration of infrared energy aids in the breakdown and release of stored fat from the body. Thus it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

>Improved Immune System 
Infrared sauna treatments raise your core body temperature, thus stimulating the immune system and making you stronger at fighting off viruses, bacteria and other infections. If you feel the early signs of a cold coming on, come in for a sauna treatment to help rev up your immune system. This will reduce your number of sick days. 

>Pain Relief 
Far infrared therapy has been shown to be effective at providing pain relief to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, sprains, strains, bursitis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments. It is excellent for reducing pain and soreness in muscles and joints after a workout. 

>Heart Health 
Infrared therapy stimulates the cardiovascular system, resulting in similar conditioning benefits to that of continuous physical exercise. It has been used to treat high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. Sauna combined with dietary changes, supplementation, and regular daily walking can bring your cholesterol levels back to normal in as quickly as 6 months. 

>Stress Relief 
Infrared therapy has been shown to promote total body relaxation. It balances the body’s hormones through the nervous system, thereby reducing the negative impact of stress on the mind and body. For those suffering from insomnia, infrared therapy can promote a deeper and more restful sleep. 

>Boosts Mood & Fights Seasonal Depression 
Our Infra red sauna has an optional  Colour Light Therapy while the person is bathed in the infrared rays for added therapeutic affects on mood and thought patterns. The colored lights are built into the sauna, which are used for stimulating hormone balancing. 

What exactly is far infrared sauna, and how does it work? 
Infrared waves are part of the invisible electromagnetic spectrum (EM). The human body naturally sends out and absorbs far-infrared waves. The optimal range of wavelengths that has regenerative effects on our bodies are between 7 and 14 microns – known as the “Vital Range”. This sauna features far infrared therapy that emits wavelengths within this “Vital Range”. Japanese medical researchers suggest that this frequency causes water molecules to vibrate, which can accelerate the release of toxins from the body, bringing you multiple health benefits. 
Infrared saunas are superior to traditional saunas in that they operate at lower temperatures of 30-60C compared to traditional saunas that operate at 85-110 C. This allows you to be able to breathe comfortably and enjoy the benefits for extended periods of time. At Avisio Naturopathic, our saunas emit only soft, dry heat as opposed to wet heat from traditional saunas that use steam. The infrared rays penetrate up to 2 inches deep, giving your organs and tissues a thorough stimulation. This induces sweating 2-3 times as much as conventional saunas. Due to busy schedules, many of us find it challenging to engage in activities that promote active sweating. Numerous medical studies show that deep sweating has multiple benefits such as helping to reduce levels of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and hydrocarbon residues – all toxins commonly picked up from our environment. Regular bathing in our dry infrared sauna will allow you to perspire more quickly and profusely, and hence reap the benefits of a good deep sweat.



IONIC Footbaths - does it really work? We are not trying to sell you on its efficacy.  We do find it curious how everyone's water is a bit different.  Individuals love the feel of it and we always follow with a Radox footbath - clean feet if nothing else - great with Ozone treatments - 50 minutes is the average time allotted 


John of God Crystal Healing Bed

As a divine addition to the BioEnergy sessions, I have been granted the permission to have a John of God bed.... Separate sessions but indeed complementary to each other.  The John of God bed works best with an individual who has been balanced and has had their chakras opened.


The crystal healing bed has 7 extremely clear Vogel crystals suspended above your chakras. Each crystal is aligned above one of the 7 energy centers or chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colors, they radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective Chakra and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance and align your chakras.  This causes you to cleanse , balance and align your energies.  The individuals receiving the session rests face up, eyes closed bathing in the energy.  The session heals on all five levels.


For the maximum effectiveness, you need to keep an open mind. Take time before your session for at least a quiet reflection of prayer or meditation.


The sessions are safe and non-invasive.  You simply need to remove your shoes and all metal jewellery. Lighter colored clothing is preferential...Once you feel comfortable, a white eye cover is placed over your eyes and soft music is turned on, and finally the pulsating lights shining through the crystals are turned on.  All the individual needs to do is relax, clear the mind of  current life situations, let go and even fall asleep.


What to Expect:  People feel all manner of sensations: tickling, tingling, temperature changes, etc.  the crystals can evoke feelings of peace and serenity and typically a very deep relaxation.


Many people who have had Crystal Bed Healing sessions have reported some of the following:

>Feeling more energized - clear thoughts - able to focus

> Feeling a deep relaxation - a connection to the earth and the universe

>Feeling more at peace with themselves - a balance of the chakras.

>Increase in the levels of health

> A deeper, more spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations

>Gaining insights into their future life path and the Evolution of  Mother Earth

>Gaining Insights of the cause of disease states - looking inward into  personal health.

>Receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease / problems



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